Lewis 123MPH on French roads.... £420 fine.

  donki 16:44 02 Apr 08

I dont really know the laws in France but im sure if he was caught in England he would get let off in the same manner. This is an absolute disgrace and could have easily casued a horrific accident. This is the second time he has been caught speeding in France.

Dont get me wrong many high profile people have been caught speeding and been let off in the same way but what makes them special? Im pretty sure if someone who actually really needed there licence for work or commuting got caught at such a speed would have to serve some sort of ban.

Apparently the police officers on the scene said he was very polite and admitted the speeding straight away. Well thats ok then???

  donki 16:45 02 Apr 08

Sorry, its lews Hamilton im on about....

  Forum Editor 17:06 02 Apr 08

and a superb F1 driver to boot - the temptation must be great. That doesn't excuse him, but perhaps it explains why. He'll learn, like most young men do, that driving fast isn't the be all and end all in life.

  Miké 17:28 02 Apr 08

Perhaps he blocked a police cars progress!

  Cymro. 17:33 02 Apr 08

"if he was caught in England he would get let off in the same manner"

I thought anyone caught doing over 100MPH in the UK got an automatic driving ban, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

  Forum Editor 17:43 02 Apr 08

You're not wrong - it's automatic, regardless of the circumstances.

  Noldi 18:10 02 Apr 08

Ayrton Senna got nailed for speeding several times in England. Senna lost his license but as he did not spend a lot of time in one country then a 3 month ban did not hurt him.
But he wasn't going as fast as Jack Sears was in 1964 when he did 190 mph on the M1 testing an AC Cobra for the upcoming Le Mans race.
Jenson Button got stopped for doing 154 mph on a French highway in a diesel powered BMW when driving for Williams.

They should set a example but as said before they are young men.


  Pamy 18:22 02 Apr 08

Did the 132mph cop get banned then, the one that said he was testing his car out

  newman35 18:24 02 Apr 08

He may well be a superb F1 driver, but there he is on an enclosed track with full safety features and the knowledge that all other participants are 'pros' - put him on a road with potentially poor drivers and 'ordinary' road features, and it's a recipe for disaster.
You said "He'll learn, like most young men do, that driving fast isn't the be all and end all in life." - but how many might be killed or injured before he does?
He should be hit hard in the courts at the first offence.

  Weskit 18:33 02 Apr 08

Brings to mind that film from some years back, opening scenes included a French Citroen police car, the one with the large inverted "V" on the radiator, believe it came to grief soon after, what was that film?...

  Pamy 18:37 02 Apr 08

how about Pink Panther?

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