morddwyd 28 May 12

I have never been to Leverkusen.

I have no desire to visit Leverkusen.

So far as I know Leverkusen does not figure high on anybody's list of places to visit before you die.

I don't even know where Leverkusen is (well, I do now, of course, because I looked it up)

So why did I wake this morning from a very vivid dream where I was lost in a South German town, while a Muslim gentleman and a local were having a very heated argument in the middle of the road (with traffic backed up) about the best way for me to get to Leverkusen?

  Brumas 28 May 12

Ich habe keine idee - but take more water with it ;o}

  flycatcher1 28 May 12

At one time I thought that I had seen every possible subject covered on this Forum but now I am not so sure.

  Input Overload 28 May 12

I frequently dream I'm down a coal mine but why I would ever even in a nightmare want to do that again is beyond me but often I'm there.

  johndrew 28 May 12

Close encounters of the fourth kind??? :-))

  natdoor 28 May 12

Situated between Düsseldorf and Köln, I would hardly describe Leverkusen as being in south Germany. It is very pleasant. Perhaps you visit!

  morddwyd 28 May 12

"I would hardly describe Leverkusen as being in south German"

It was I who was in the south of Germany, Bavaria, not Leverkuusen, Nord Rhein Westphalia.

  buteman 28 May 12

Funny how the old brain works.You meet folk that you have never ever seen before, Makes you wonder how your brain can conjuer up those images.

It would be Interesting if you were speaking German instead of English and you don't know the language.

  Input Overload 28 May 12

I sometimes listen to Radio 4 late at night & this then changes to the world service & if I forget to set the sleep fuction on the clock radio anything can happen.

  spuds 28 May 12

The other day it was about elephant's, today its about Leverkusen?.

One things for sure, seeing the name I would check Ryanairs flight destinations!.

  natdoor 28 May 12

Sorry, morddwyd, I'm afraid I misread your post. But if you were in beautiful Bayern, why would you want to go to Leverkusen, lovely as it is? Perhaps to visit the Bayer works?


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