Letters instead of words

  Ancient Learner 16:38 01 Jul 05

Every so often there seems to be a new phrase that appears that being expressed as a series of letters, leaves me completely baffled. I've said it before, that I seem to have blind spot at translating them. This time it is 'IMHO'. I'm sure it will be obvious once I know, but at the moment - - -

  leo49 16:40 01 Jul 05
  Ancient Learner 17:05 01 Jul 05

Thank you. Very useful.

Now I'll have to think of a way of being able to refer to it all easily!

  leo49 17:22 01 Jul 05

I know what I refer to it as but the term would probably be deemed offensive. :o)

  Dorsai 21:30 01 Jul 05

There was I thinking that all words were in fact made up of letters, in a certian, unique, order.


  Ancient Learner 22:03 01 Jul 05

OH Heck! Niow I will have to try and remember where I put that web address so that I wouldn't forget where I put it??! :))

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