Let's Scrap All Road Signs

  Pesala 10:33 13 Sep 07

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I am not sure that this would work in London, but perhaps in many smaller towns it would make people drive with more consideration for others.

  Pine Man 11:24 13 Sep 07

I belive this was done many years ago in Newport on the Isle of White.....all the signs are back there now!

Motorists on the whole are arrogant, rude and greedy - yes, that includes me as well!

  Pine Man 11:25 13 Sep 07

Apologies to all on the Isle of WIGHT!!

  Quickbeam 13:20 13 Sep 07

So many don't take notice of them anyway.

  HondaMan 13:37 13 Sep 07

its a good idea. Only WARNING signs need be on view so you know what's coming. You'll know, or should know, what you need to do when you get there.

Its only the "boy racers" who will do what they want regardless of other road users, but thtey do that anyway!

  mrwoowoo 14:03 13 Sep 07

How about a road sign at roundabouts banning drivers who are going straight on from indicating right and keeping it on.
This would save me from waiting to enter the roundabout whilst some doughnut vears off at the first exit whilst indicating right.
Just indicate left as you pass the first exit.....Simple.

  spuds 14:05 13 Sep 07

Didn't the UK remove all road signs during the second world war, so that locals could spot foreigners in our midst ;o)

Just think of the higher insurance premiums, and no win no fee compensation lawyers. "Whoops, I thought I had the right of way, mi'lord".

  carmichy 14:14 13 Sep 07

I now stay in the Philippines and it really is wonderful driving here. If there are rules no one has published it in book form. If you see a space while driving just fill it It Does not matter if it is the right lane for where you are going. Junction ? Play game of chicken, you keep going untilyou or the othe driver backs down. As I say great fun.

  mrwoowoo 14:22 13 Sep 07

No different to here then really.(O:!

  Chegs ®™ 15:04 13 Sep 07

This idea works in many places abroad as the rest of europe has higher driving standards(germany has motorways where the speed limit is pretty much whatever your car can do)than the UK.Try the same here and the ignorant,aggressive UK motorist would sooner have an accident than give way to say a bus or taxi.

  Jak_1 15:04 13 Sep 07

I can just see it, every major road junction absolutely at a standstill as everyone believes they have right of way! Ambulances flying everywhere to the inevitable crashes! Scrap metal merchants rubbing there hands in glee! Insurance premiums hitting an all time record high!
Whoever thinks this is a good idea is living in cloud cuckoo land!

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