a lesson in "spam management" perhaps?

  p;3 20:11 15 Sep 06

colleague asked for my help in replying to a strange mail she had received that really made no sense at all to her and from an address she did not recognise;she had started to reply to it by saying something like, " I do not know you and am wondering why you are mailing me and what you want to know..."; she said she had never heard of this person before and what should she say to them;I suggested that it was probably a spam mail and that if she replied to it she would probably be inundated with more, and probably links to unwanted sites including porn ; she seemed utterly amazed; so; we went back to the server, opened the in box, found the mail , opened it and I showed her how to tell the server that it is a spam address; I also told her that if the sender IS genuine that they will find another way to contact her; it follows the rule that ..if you do not recognise a mail or the sender, chuck it out ; she is one more person who now knows the existance of and the risks of spam mail ; I must say I was feeling rather gobsmacked that she was prepared to compose an answer to the mail from someone she does not know , and send it...thus validating her mail address as active; what her in box could then be full of .................junk, porn, "you name it" type stuff

hopefully she has learnt...hopefully...

  ade.h 20:18 15 Sep 06

Just another example of computing naivety, which seems to be at epidemic levels. It comes from people trying to use a technical tool without any basic training or research.

  lisa02 22:22 15 Sep 06

That's the power of being in the "know". Just glad you spoke to your friend before she did it, I bet.

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