Lenovo Ad

  bremner 20:20 20 Jun 12

Anyone else finding that a Lenovo ad is opening everytime they move between threads.

I am viewing the site on an iPad

  aquatarkus 20:29 20 Jun 12

Yes, having same issue. The ads on this site are starting to put me off coming here. has anyone else noticed an increase in cpu usage when on the PC Advisor site?

Regards Aquatarkus

  TonyV 20:32 20 Jun 12


Yes, what the H**l is that all about? If you skip it, the music still burbles in the back ground. That is a sure way to make me refrain from buying the device!! I am using an iMAC Lion 10.7.4 and Safari, so maybe it is just to bite at Apple users!!


  Woolwell 21:02 20 Jun 12

Only happens on my iPad but don't get the music. Highly annoying! Doesn't happen on Chrome on my desktop.

  hssutton 21:12 20 Jun 12

Will pop back in tomorrow and if it's still there I'll stay a way for a few days. The most annoying Ad ever.

  Woolwell 21:17 20 Jun 12

On the iPad if you use the DiigoBrowser app then you get the ad once then that is it. It appears to be a Safari snag. DiigoBrowser is free and is similar to Chrome.

  Forum Editor 23:28 20 Jun 12


Hang in there, I'm going to try to do something about the ad.

  Chegs ®™ 00:24 21 Jun 12

Cheers Peter,I often visit the site during this night & if I forget to mute the PC,I get it in the neck next morning from the GF/daughter.

  simonjary 08:19 21 Jun 12

Apologies. This ad is meant to be limited, and off forums.

  Matt Egan 08:36 21 Jun 12

Apologies for this. Something has obviously gone badly wrong. As Simon says, this ad was never supposed to run on the forum, and it is also supposed to be limited in terms of the number of times each visitor sees it. I spotted the problem myself only at the close of play yesterday and had a gentle moan to the relevant people, so it is the first item on the agenda today. Suffice to say, it's in no-one's interest to cause annoyance with adverts.

  hssutton 08:49 21 Jun 12

Well it's now morning and I'm back. Thank goodness the Ad has been removed.

Many thanks It's great to see the PCA team out in force and the problem resolved.

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