Length of posts

  Bingalau 23 May 11

Is there still a limit to the length of a post to this forum?

  Grey Goo 23 May 11

6 feet

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 May 11

Don't think so I've posted a couple of long replies (over the old 400 chars limit) in the help forum and they seem to have gone through OK

  bremner 23 May 11

One things that has struck me is that with the original post heading each new page we really do not want long rambling original posts - succinct and to the point is the order of the day.

  Forum Editor 23 May 11

The problem with long, rambling posts (says he, who is the master of them) is that lots of people are deterred from reading them.

It's fortunate that mine are so fascinating.

  spuds 23 May 11


Not thinking about writing an autobiography by any chance?.

I know at least two parties who might be interested!.

  Bingalau 23 May 11

spuds. Already done that for my children and grand-children. But no! I am not doing special editions for Brumas and Macscouse.

  Brumas 23 May 11

Bingalau No probs, I’ll have the standard version (it doesn’t have to be in joined-up writing) and Macscouse will have one with more pictures to colour ;o}}


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