Leaked USAA video

  ronalddonald 15:18 07 Apr 10
  ronalddonald 15:25 07 Apr 10

click here

another one

  sunnystaines 16:38 07 Apr 10

when civilians mix with insurgents, innocent people get injured in the attacks.

  Pine Man 17:25 07 Apr 10

Couldn't agree more - collateral damage it's called isn't it?

  carver 17:30 07 Apr 10

That second link just shows how mistakes can be made, but the Apache crew showed just how much they enjoyed the job, more like a video game to them, no wonder the Americans like to call most mistakes "friendly fire". No wonder the Americans didn't want it released.

They should have noticed that none of them attempted to hide, they were in the open and talking in a group with a helicopter circling overhead, but I suppose they enjoy their job too much to notice little things like that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:18 07 Apr 10

'Crazyhorse'...the Yanks will never learn will they.


  egapup 19:11 07 Apr 10


  wolfie3000 19:23 07 Apr 10

Iv been having an on going discussion with a friend about this video.

Heres his take on the whole thing.

click here

  karmgord 19:39 07 Apr 10

Manner from heaven for those who want to radicalise young hot heads.

  karmgord 19:48 07 Apr 10

sunnystaines & Pine man
Surely it is the insurgents mingling (hiding)amongst the Innocent civilians,yet when they (the innocent civilians) are killed we call it "collateral damage",yet when our own innocent civilians are killed by terrorists we call it murder.
Also it is easy to see why the Americans produce so many Blue on blue mistakes.

  karmgord 19:56 07 Apr 10

One final point,war can be a tragic waste of life,be it young soldiers or innocent civilians and for what? freedom?, or freedom for the west to have a secure oil supply?

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