Lawrence of Helmand (Royal Marine)

  john bunyan 06 Oct 13

This guy shows how the younger generation are just as dedicated to duty as ever:

Capt Davis CGC RM

  WhiteTruckMan 06 Oct 13

THIS is what it means to be a hero, not kicking a ball around and copping off with a third rate pop star!


  flycatcher1 06 Oct 13

WTM I agree, what a man, and now he is going to train as a doctor.

There are many gallant people in our Armed Forces but he is outstanding. Yes, I know that he is a Marine did you think anything less?

  WhiteTruckMan 06 Oct 13

The fact that he is a Marine is neither here nor there, unless you happen to be an ex bootneck, as I know there are several on these forums.

My point is a gripe about society in general and the media specifically over using the word 'hero'.


  Aitchbee 06 Oct 13

Not wishing to devalue this individual's undoubted bravery coupled with his unnerving intellect under very stressful conditions, but a wartime medal for valour [WWII] was awarded to a very special carrier pigeon, called Colonge in 1942 ... featured in this evening's 'Antiques Roadshow' on BBC TV.

The medal is now worth £10,000. [Colonge could only speak native Pigeon English]

  Forum Editor 06 Oct 13


There are times when I wonder.

  Forum Editor 06 Oct 13

I don't think the fact of his being a Marine has got anything to do with him being worthy of his medal. He's obviously one of those rare individuals who possess both great courage and the intelligence to do something with it.

  john bunyan 06 Oct 13

As a former RM myself , I am a bit unhappy that this young man's achievements are impugned by comparison with a pigeon. As we used to say, "Put your brain in gear before engaging your mouth". Usually amusing, I think HB went too far this time.

  Aitchbee 07 Oct 13

jb, my carefully thought out [light-hearted] statement began by not wishing to devalue or take away anything from the award bestowed upon Capt Davis', it was only to highlight the absurdity of the war medal given to a dumb bird. That's all. [no offence was intended]


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