Laugh or Cry...?

  onionskin 19:32 23 Mar 10

I've just read in the Mirror, that prisoners let out on early release get compensation for the free prison meals they miss out on by being let out early.
I've never been in prison, where do I claim my compo for all the meals I've not had.

  Labdweller 19:47 23 Mar 10

I don't know what to say. No wonder it costs us so much to maintain criminals.

  wiz-king 19:55 23 Mar 10

Cheap option - prison grub ~£1.87 a day, thats only a cheap sandwidge at my local shop.

  sunnystaines 20:57 23 Mar 10

compensation for the free prison meals they miss out on by being let out early

that rule should be scrapped ASAP if the cons don't like they can stay for the full term.

  oresome 21:01 23 Mar 10

Perhaps the prisons could arrange a drive through facility or a delivery service for the outmates?

  BT 08:35 24 Mar 10

That's still £13.09 a week - still a useful amount. I reckon I can make a meal for 2 for around £2.00.

Spaghetti Bolognese
250g Minced Beef £1.10 (Tesco £2.20/500g)
100g Dry Pasta £0.11 (Tesco £3.30/3kg)
leaving 79p for a carrot, an onion, 1/2 can tomatoes, plus a sprinkle of herbs from the store cupboard.

Even cheaper if you use Value Mince £1.20/500g

  lotvic 15:06 24 Mar 10

I did not realise that some visitors of the inmates can claim 'expenses' including o/night bed and breakfast
Scotland click here
UK click here

  sunnystaines 17:07 24 Mar 10

it gets worse no wonder the country is in a mess.

its a pity the idea of sending long term cases to be housed aboard never happend,

  Mike D 17:44 24 Mar 10

My wife worked briefly in the department that looked after prison visits and, as you say, she processed claims for bus, train and taxi fare plus overnighters in some cases.

  Labdweller 01:19 25 Mar 10

Does overnighters involve locking up the relatives as well?

  sunnystaines 08:44 25 Mar 10

we have a womans prison seems ok, but used to be a remand centre before that and the local area between the rail stn and the HMP was plagued with car crime and burglaries, strange how it all stopped when the remand centre closed.

rats breed rats.

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