Latin phrases - assistance?

  DANZIG 10:47 04 Dec 07


I'm knocking up some certificates for some awards at work to be presented at our team Christmas party. After having looked at other 'proper' certificates, I've noticed they generally have some words on them somewhere in Latin that is to do with the company/award etc.

If anyone out there knows any Latin phrases that might fit with the company/team I would be really grateful. Or even any websites that have them on.

We're all pretty young(ish), we like our beers and most of us are "close", if you see what I mean ;-).

If anyone does respond to this then it might take a while for me to respond as I'm off to work now and find it a touch tricky to access the 'net from work.

  I am Spartacus 10:59 04 Dec 07

noli illegitimi carborundum

click here

  skeletal 11:11 04 Dec 07

click here


  Quickbeam 11:18 04 Dec 07
  john bunyan 11:40 04 Dec 07

In training our squad motto was " Nihil sed excretum tauri"

  Bingalau 13:10 04 Dec 07

john bunyan. Now you have got me guessing at all but the "excretum tauri" bit? I know tauri probably equates to bull and excretum to .... But can't figure out the other two words? No doubt others on here soon will enlighten me though. Maybe it's "Nothing but Bull...." Wild guess.

  DANZIG 17:45 04 Dec 07


I'll have a look at them tomorrow.


  Weskit 18:55 04 Dec 07

Didn't Bernard Miles use the second alternative - "nil illegitimi..."

  VCR97 20:24 04 Dec 07

Your guess is correct.

  BT 08:36 05 Dec 07

Plenty here

click here

  anchor 15:57 05 Dec 07

It depends if you wish to be serious, or just joking.

For a serious quote I suggest this as appropriate for an award:

"Primus inter pares" (First among equals)

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