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  laurie53 06:01 13 Dec 06

There should be another choice - "I would not under any circumstances buy from any supplier who tried to use this forum to get my business"!


  Apron 06:08 13 Dec 06

Good morning to you Laurie. It's a lovely calm mild one. Take your coffee outside, watch the sun come up and leave the grumbles till later in the day. Ignore the poll, join the majority.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:31 13 Dec 06

This crops up with amazing regularity.....the questions are there for a reason and I'm sure that if more were needed they wpuld be there.


  rezeeg 09:14 13 Dec 06

Doesn't it refer to the likes of Davey from Mesh? I used that as the basis of my vote.

  HondaMan 09:42 13 Dec 06

rezeeg, that's the way I took it as well. To my mind, a supplier who takes part in this, or indeed any other forum, indicates that they are an open and "up-front" company who are not afraid to be challenged either on quality of goods or service. Its a shame that all companies who advertise in PCA cannot be obliged to have a presence on this forum.

  Spark6 09:49 13 Dec 06

Suppliers who *join us* in the forum. Speaks millions. I reckon you're right!

  Sethhaniel 10:17 13 Dec 06

have to aim a little lower
goes straight over the heads of the common man


  facepaint 10:17 13 Dec 06

I have never noticed it until now.
Maybe it needs a bit of graphics work on it?

"I would not under any circumstances buy from any supplier who tried to use this forum to get my business"!

Suppliers that do join in discussions on this forum do not use it to 'try and get your business'. That would be free advertising and FE would be quick to delete such a thread. They do it to help customers sort out problems that they are having with their company. That can only be a good thing surely?

  Kate B 10:37 13 Dec 06

Davey's presence here makes me think highly of him - he's very quick to spot any problems posted. Good for Davey and Mesh: their presence would certainly make me look at Mesh for a PC.

  HondaMan 10:56 13 Dec 06

I sent an email to Davey in which I said that I was going to be buying another computer, that Mesh were on my shortlist but that I was concerned by all the negative comments. I asked him for his comments. That email was sent on 4th November, I am still waiting for a reply!

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