Last Lancaster.

  Weskit 18:04 27 Apr 07

Any ex RAF types out there? Have you seen the flight of the last Lanc on the BBC news site? Did anyone have any contact with the Lancaster known as IRIS which flew from Watton in 1950?

  georgemac © 18:09 27 Apr 07

There was an article on the news this week about 2 brothers who have restored another lancaster click here this is the one - it was taxing about on the runway but don't think it had flown yet

  octal 18:12 27 Apr 07

It's going to be on BBC news in a few minutes.

  Bingalau 18:15 27 Apr 07

I think there are at least two still capable of flying. I called in at the (Memorial Flight)museum? in Lincolnshire last year and was fascinated by the sight of spitfires etc., close up. Mind you I saw plenty of them in the 1940's but they were always in flight then. I still think the Spitfire is the most beautiful of all planes.

  TOPCAT® 19:04 27 Apr 07

and have several Spitfire photos on my office walls, together with the Lanc and Wellington bombers.

RJ Mitchell did a great job in its design but its Achilles heel in combat was the engine's radiator. Most German pilots knew this and concentrated their attack accordingly. If only it had been an air-cooled version, like the FW 190, then some of our valiant pilots may have survived.

I hope the NX 611 does finally make it into the air and I'll certainly be popping in to see it on my next trip to Yorkshire. TC.

  Woolwell 19:29 27 Apr 07

Not sure NX611 is the last Lancaster - what happened to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster? click here

I also happen to think that the Sea Fury was beautiful to look at and even better to hear especially when doing aerobatics. click here
But I'm biased being ex-FAA.

  Woolwell 19:32 27 Apr 07

Oops sorry the BBC clip is the Battle of Britain one. I think that there may be another in Canada but not flying.

  Forum Editor 19:44 27 Apr 07

I lived on an RAF station in the Yorkshire moors, and we had an operational squadron of Lancasters. I can still remember lying in bed and hearing them take off into the night, one after another - it's one of those sounds that imprinted on my memory, and if I concentrate I can still hear it now. The war was long over then, but these aircraft were still flying, I think they were part of Strategic Air Command.

My father flew in them during the war, and I have a treasured photo of him and his crew standing on front of a Lancaster.

  Bingalau 20:34 27 Apr 07

FE. Can you still recall the sound of the dreaded Gerry planes which seemed to have a sort of throb? Or is my memory playing tricks again.

  I am Spartacus 20:39 27 Apr 07

I wasn't born at that time but I believe the 'throb' was because the pilots of German twin engine aircraft didn't synchronise their engines to run that the same rpm.

We have a Lancaster fly over us at the Southend Airshow every year and the sound from the Merlins is wonderful.

  hansa 20:42 27 Apr 07


Think it may be because the engines of the Luftwaffe were unsynchronised whereas those in the RAF were.
(or is this just an urban myth?)

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