large metior on camera as it hits earths sky

  sunny staines 08:48 22 Feb 08

click here

must have been a big one looking at the explosion or was the remains of the shot down sat

  Quickbeam 09:12 22 Feb 08

could cause quite a disaster by landing in a rush hour on a motorway intersection.

  Forum Editor 09:44 22 Feb 08

THE big one will arrive, and then we can all go home.

It will happen, but not this year.

  sunny staines 13:20 22 Feb 08

last i heard was 2029 for a threat of a biggy but calculations nearer the time will probably show another near missed occurrence.

  Grey Goo 13:34 22 Feb 08

If it lands in Westminster someone will try and put a parking ticket on it.

  johndrew 14:00 22 Feb 08

If it lands in Romford Market someone will sell it :-))

  Bingalau 14:06 22 Feb 08

If it lands in Manchester someone will pinch the wheels off it.

  jack 14:08 22 Feb 08

It is coming - may be to morrow but the those that possibly know ain't telling- what is the point!
When its time - its time
turn off the lights somebody ;-}

  laurie53 20:18 22 Feb 08

If it lands on Westminster no doubt MPs will vote themselves a generous compensation package.

  Proclaimer 22:38 22 Feb 08

yeah, if yellowstone park doesn't erupt first and spoil the party.

  octal 22:48 22 Feb 08

So I wonder how big the original was before it entered the atmosphere? I would have thought they would have known about that large lump of rock hurtling towards earth. Maybe they did but thought better of it than spread the word.

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