Laptop resilience

  nangadef 25 Aug 11

Since owning my first laptop I've been impressed with their robustness.

They've been through umpteen airport checks and stored at all angles.

To top the lot I've twice tripped on the power lead of my latest laptop and it's gone crashing to the floor - and only a re-boot required.

Although, being superstitious, I'm being ultra careful not to do it a third time.

  dagbladet 25 Aug 11

I've not come across that one before. I've heard of the unlucky 13, not walking under ladders and 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror, but i've not heard of the don't trip on the power lead of your laptop 3 times. What is supposed to happen?

  wiz-king 25 Aug 11

Third time (un)lucky?

  Forum Editor 25 Aug 11

I once dropped a laptop into Portsmouth harbour when working aboard a research vessel.

I saw the glow from its screen as it vanished into the murky water. An offer was made to send a diver down to recover it, but I decided that a complete immersion in salt water had probably done for it. Anyway, I fancied a shiny new one, and it gave me the perfect excuse.

  nangadef 25 Aug 11

When we were kids and naughty my mother used to say 'I've told you twice, don't push your luck a third time'.

  nangadef 25 Aug 11

FE lol - I hope you had done your backups

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 25 Aug 11

Next gadget coming up waterproof to 10m laptop

Means surfing becomes safer as your laptop will survive when you fall off the board ;0)

  Forum Editor 25 Aug 11


Let's not go there.


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