Lapel pins

  Brumas 23:46 06 Jul 07

As we all (well most of us) seem to rub along together in this ‘virtual world of a forum’ I often think it would be nice if one could, if so inclined, recognise a fellow forum member.

No, I am not advocating the alleged secret Masonic handshakes or the regimental tie – but how about a very small circular (say half inch or smaller diameter) lapel pin bearing PCA –Forum or whatever. This ,of course ,would be made in good quality enamel on metal – nothing tacky!

Being so small it would only be recognised if the person was reasonably close to you, engaged in conversation for example. If one didn’t wish to be ‘recognised’ one would not wear one’s lapel pin.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:57 06 Jul 07

Not that one would be used by me, as pride of place is currently given to my TOGG sticker.

I have in the past written WhiteTruckMan in the dirt on the back of my trailer. But dont get too excited if you spot it as i have dont it to 100+ trailers, so it could well be someone else as the trailers only seem to get washed once a year if they need it or not...


  Forum Editor 00:00 07 Jul 07

most people quite like the degree of anonymity that this place affords, and might not fancy someone coming up to them in a supermarket and asking them who they are.

  Guardianangel 07:48 07 Jul 07

Could be quite interesting. Friendships could be forged or perceptions about someone either reinforced or completely overturned!

  wolfie3000 07:58 07 Jul 07

A couple of forum member know me well and have chatted regularly on msn,

But i like the idea of PCA badges, you never know you could know a PCA forum member and not even know it.

  hzhzhzhz 08:17 07 Jul 07

I want a badge please. :-)

  wee eddie 08:25 07 Jul 07

One might as well wear a, back to front, Baseball Cap with a flashing neon "Nerd" Light on top.

  User-1159794 08:33 07 Jul 07

"Nerd" . wee eddie.

Are you implying that all here are nerds?


  Forum Editor 08:44 07 Jul 07

Maybe I'm warming to the idea, but then I have been called a nerd on several occasions. One of my daughters once gave me a little hat with a propellor on the top for Christmas.

I'm wearing it now.

  wee eddie 08:50 07 Jul 07

It's just the whole "Lapel Badge" thing.

Having said that, I wear my Hospice badge with pride.

  laurie53 09:03 07 Jul 07

That's like telling people on holiday to drop in if ever they're in your area.

It's a nice idea but but absolutely horrifying if it actually happens!

No names, no packdrill but I can think of several members who I would be mortified to be approached by (OK, so there are also some who might be good crack!)!


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