Lamb to the slaughter?

  spider9 15:40 27 Jun 12

[click here]

Who on earth decided to throw that poor lassie to the wolves? Truly embarrassing.

  spider9 15:41 27 Jun 12

Apologies, link didn't work.

  bremner 15:58 27 Jun 12

More Bambi than Lassie

  spider9 17:20 27 Jun 12

Her bosses must have thought there was no defence, so send someone 'expendable' - just hope she gets some kind of promotion for attempting the impossible - to cover their backsides!

  Condom 17:57 27 Jun 12

I watched it last night in embarrassment. I think even Jeremy felt a bit sorry for her at the end. Methinks the Chancer has lost the plot. Perhaps we could all do with another "night of the long knives"

  spider9 18:22 27 Jun 12

fourm member

I doubt many disagree with your Paxman opinion, but what did you think of Chloe's performance in being sent there there to justify the Government's position? Was Mr Osborne the 'coward' that he was accused of being at PMQs, for not doing the gig himself?

Either she hadn't got answers or the policy had been 'botched' (I'll refrain from saying 'again'!).

  Forum Editor 18:51 27 Jun 12

"He's very much part of the 'news is entertainment' culture."

I find him and his 'watch me bully this hapless person' smirk incredibly irritating. Jon Snow leaves him standing.

  spider9 19:23 27 Jun 12


"hapless person" ??

For goodness sake her title is Economic Secretary to the Treasury - or are they now employing hapless people to look after the country's finances?

This is surely about fielding someone incapable of defending a policy, or denying a hapless girl the ammunition to protect herself (or her master).

George is having a bad run since the budget.

  carver 19:41 27 Jun 12

Sorry but you can't blame Paxman for really enjoying himself at the expense of this woman, if she hadn't got the answers then she should not have been sent to the interview.

If she was sent just to take the flack for this about turn on policy then she may be getting some thing else out of it later, I know that if I had been in her position I would want some thing out of it.

  Al94 19:47 27 Jun 12

Never watch Paxman - self opinionated, ignorant bully.

  Forum Editor 19:51 27 Jun 12


For goodness sake yourself, I wasn't referring to anyone in particular, I simply mentioned Paxman's penchant for smirking. As I recall, he didn't smirk once on this occasion.

As for Chloe Smith, Jeremy Paxman sensed he had someone who had been sent to stand in for a cowardly Chancellor, and he was on his home ground - he decided to toy with her for the sake of some TV fun. It wasn't clever, it advanced the audience's understanding of the subject by not one iota, and it humiliated a junior Minister. I'm sure Paxman was delighted with his performance, he gave the media a story on a plate.

The real target here should have been George Osborne and his inability to string an economic policy together - Chloe Smith was indeed the sacrificial lamb on this occasion, but I imagine she'll not make the same mistake again.

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