Lady Sings the Blues

  morddwyd 09:49 13 Oct 11

No, not the Billie Holiday version!

Believe it or not I have a recording of this being played by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Unfortunately it has become virtually unplayable and I'd like to renew/refresh it.

I've spent hours searching on line but can't find anything anywhere, couldn't even find it in the archives.

Anyone got any ideas to steer me towards?

  anskyber 10:13 13 Oct 11
  rdave13 14:49 13 Oct 11

I've been going round in circles with this one. The album you want is called LEGEND. No doubt discontinued. Legend album

Searching for this always brings up the LEGENDS album which is the three CD version and without Lady Sings the Blues. Not even Ebay was any help!

  john bunyan 15:47 13 Oct 11
  Woolwell 16:22 13 Oct 11

I've found a mp3 download Express Downloads but don't know how safe or legal the site is.

  rdave13 16:27 13 Oct 11

I found both the above links previously, the first leads to nowhere and the second requires log-in details and does not seem to be a very safe site. Found quite a bit more but illegal.

  Aitchbee 16:39 13 Oct 11

If you still have a library near you, then give that a try.

  Woolwell 17:44 13 Oct 11

AitchBEE - and how will a library help?

  Aitchbee 18:37 13 Oct 11

Woolwell - libraries lend out CD' Scotland, unless I am mistaken.

  Woolwell 18:47 13 Oct 11

AitchBEE - I think that we talking about vinyl. In any case a library is unlikely to have this if we cannot find it.

morddwyd One for sale in Germany Music Stack

  NewestRoyWidd1 18:54 13 Oct 11

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