Lack of rain

  carver 18 Aug 11

In Sheffield we have hardly had any rain for weeks and the grass in the fields are desperate for it and these lucky people get it all , yet again it seems the the South of England want it all.

Why don't they just share it out a bit more instead of taking every thing.

  cream. 18 Aug 11

Wasn't Goole flooded out not so long ago click here

You could nip up to ladybower with a bucket.

  interzone55 18 Aug 11

Have some of ours, it's rained in North Lancs almost every weekend since May, and many of the week days as well. Really not had any prolonged decent weather since April...

  Edbanger 18 Aug 11

Look over the Pennines to Gods country, we have had a lot more rain than normal.

  Strawballs 18 Aug 11

So much for us down south getting everything :-)

  Aitchbee 18 Aug 11

The little notch on my umbrella that keeps it up, has worn out because it has been raining so much in Glasgow this summer.

  lucky1 18 Aug 11

It's rained so much here in Bo'ness that the dog has webbed feet! Summer, where have you gone? Even the leaves are starting to turn brown already! Bumper crops of rowan berries which, they say, is a sign of a severe winter to come!

  peter99co 18 Aug 11
  Aitchbee 18 Aug 11

I hope the rain-water drains can handle the deluge.

  Brumas 18 Aug 11

We've had so much rain, for so long here in North Northumberland, that I am seriously thinking of building an ark!!

  carver 18 Aug 11

As I said in my first post we have had nothing to speak off in the past 6 weeks where I live, it's right on the Yorkshire , Derbyshire border. We have just had a field cleared and rotavated and the soil is more like dust, it's more like walking on sand than soil.

The grass in our garden has not been cut for nearly 3 weeks (not because I'm lazy) in that time it's only grown about an 1 inch.

So why are you lot hogging all the water.


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