Is Labour wise using Tony Blair?

  bremner 15:05 07 Apr 15

Tony Blair has pitched into the election campaign today, clearly a planned part of Labours strategy.

As Blair is seen by so many, including Labour supporters as almost toxic, was this an own goal or an inspired strategy likely to appeal to the New Labour side of the party, balancing the perceived left wing Ed Miliband.

  bremner 16:17 07 Apr 15

I don't that is true, but it would be remarkable if it wasn't.

The BBC's piece on his speech states "Labour hoped he still had "enough lingering stardust to appeal to some voters"

  bumpkin 16:45 07 Apr 15

The other parties would not pay him enough then.

  spider9 17:00 07 Apr 15

As he has been the most successful, by a long way, at winning elections in the past ( in comparison, particularly, with Cameron who has never won any!!), I think he has every right to 'enter the fray'. I think Miliband will be grateful for any help he can get

  Forum Editor 18:10 07 Apr 15

I also think that Tony Blair's election experience might be of considerable value to Ed Miliband. Of particular value is Blair's firm belief that a referendum on our membership of the EU would be a big mistake.

He'll back up Miliband's refusal to countenance a referendum on that issue, and it will be (or should be) one of the biggest questions for voters in the election.

  spider9 18:51 07 Apr 15

Agreed, I think the Tory EU referendum promise could well be a thorn in the PM's side.

As Blair said (and you must admit he's had 'on-the-job' experience), the amount of time and effort involved by the PM when he has to negotiate with 30 odd other member states, and then go through a whole referendum process, will be immensely time consuming. (Remember, even the 'little' Scottish event last year used up plenty of time and resources!!).

Plus, will we have European countries 'interfering', as the rUK did in the Scottish referendum? They will surely have every right to - and maybe confuse us all even more!!!

Cameron should never have allowed his UKIP section to railroad him into that promise. Good on Miliband for standing his ground - showed guts.

  Pine Man 18:53 07 Apr 15

Cameron who has never won any!!

...bit like Brown;-)

  spider9 19:43 07 Apr 15


Indeed, but, then again, Brown isn't the topic, is he?

  bumpkin 21:09 07 Apr 15

Tony Blair, could well backfire and become a Tory asset.

  Belatucadrus 22:28 07 Apr 15

"Blair's firm belief that a referendum on our membership of the EU would be a big mistake."

This being the same Anthony Blair that promised referendums on the EU constitution in 2004 & 2005, then forgot to actually do it as it looked rather suspiciously like the dear peepul would not agree with him and god forbid we be allowed to get it wrong.

  Forum Editor 23:06 07 Apr 15

"This being the same Anthony Blair that promised referendums on the EU constitution in 2004 & 2005,"

The very same, but as I remember that was a referendum on the new EU constitution, not a referendum which asked whether we should be in or out of the EU.

I am not a Labour supporter, but I think fairness is important - Blair would not have supported an 'in or out' referendum then, and he's against one now, as is Ed Miliband.

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