Labour Conference

  morddwyd 08:04 28 Sep 11

(Well, somebody had to bring it up!)

Anything new here?

Seems a bit like the mixture as before, but I'm notoriously jaundiced, and not all that good at seeing through the waffle!

  spuds 11:44 28 Sep 11

You are not suggesting expense sheets and naughty things about our honourable persons?.

At least the News of the World would not be publishing this weekend!.

But seriously, does anyone take any notice of these conferences, except perhaps the party faithful and cheerleaders?.

  Bapou 12:45 28 Sep 11

The 16 year old 'future PM' had his day in the limelight plus a standing ovation. Then along comes the Daily Mail to tell us he's not such a child of the benefit system as he would have us believe.

Nevertheless, he has the makings of a very good politician, chucking in a few porkies like that.

  spuds 13:12 28 Sep 11

"motivate them and 'reward' them by letting them have contact with senior members".

Would this 'reward' include the very elderly male life-long Labour Party supporter, who was shown world-wide to have been ejected from a conference by heavies a few years back?.

  birdface 15:48 28 Sep 11

We all know that we are all going to suffer in the years to come because of the state that the Country is in and no amount of speeches by any Party is going to make the least bit of difference.

All I can say from past experience is things are going to get a lot worse shortly and will steadily go down hill for the next few years at least.

The first to suffer are usually the sick the elderly the unemployed and the poorly paid.

It will also hit those with big mortgages who get laid of through no fault of there own and can no longer keep their houses as they cannot afford to pay.

So to me I does not matter what is said by political parties believe them at you peril.

I always like to watch speeches from David Cameron as I am sure you can see his nose grow that little bit longer every time he speaks.

The only MP that I would ever listen to was the Late John Smith.

Just a pity he never lived to be Prime Minister.

Ed Miliband speach proved that he can be a bit of a comedian but whether he could be a good prime minister is another thing.

Nothing in his speech for me or you and a promise of putting a £6.000 cap on university fees may never ever happen.

Just dangling the carrot but whether you eat it or not is a different thing.

  QuizMan 16:38 28 Sep 11

Bapou - that 16 year old used to go to my alma mater until his parents ran out of money.

It wasn't fee-paying in my day though

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