keys down the drain

  sunnystaines 18:09 29 Apr 12

drove up north at the weekend, while in Bridlington dropped my vehicle keys as I got out and there was a drain under the drivers door. yes straight through the grill of the drain gone. and I was 250 miles from home.

in panic managed to lift the drian cover off [too heavy to put back could not lift it again reached through the sludge with arm and shoulder in the drain and by luck it must have been blocked as feeling around the sludge managed to get the tip of the key ring and recover them.

Has anyone else lost keys down a drain? [a nearby golf lub took me in to get cleaned up]

  rdave13 18:44 29 Apr 12

That was a lucky dip then? :) For some reason I always put the keyring on my forefinger after switching off the engine. Do it without thinking. A very good habit I think.

  Aitchbee 18:52 29 Apr 12

Not keys - but when I was down standing in dark, cramped, underground cable-chambers doing repairs - for BT - (usually standing in several inches of muddy water), it was quite a common occurence to drop things...never to be seen again.

  Forum Editor 18:54 29 Apr 12

It's not happened yet, but it's something I think about whenever I park by a drain cover. I'm feeling nervous just thinking about it now.

  sunnystaines 18:58 29 Apr 12

now was i unlucky to drop the keys or lucky to get them back, contained my house keys too.

  wiz-king 19:23 29 Apr 12

Only found your krys - could have been a Rolex!

  morddwyd 20:25 29 Apr 12

You were damned lucky the police didn't see you prising up drain covers in today's scrap metal climate!

I was once leaving some military accommodation after hours, when it was normal to pop your room keys through the office letter box.

My keys got stuck and I had to poke them through, As they dropped I had a glimpse of the fob on my car keys!

I'd posted the wrong set, I was due at the airport in half an hour and my car was in the car park at Heathrow!

On this occasion the police did see me fishing around in the letter box with a bent coat hanger, and after some fevered explanations they even found the key holder and got me my keys in time to catch my plane.

  Chegs ®™ 05:47 30 Apr 12

The very same day I dropped my keys down a drain,I bought a cat lead & once I'd recovered my keys they went on the lead.The end of which was fastened to my belt.Recovering the keys wasn't difficult as the drain was almost full of thick black goo & my keys were sat on the top only a few inches below the grille(bent piece of MIG wire from the roll kept in the boot for various uses,like recovering dropped keys from manhole covers)I just wish our coins had holes in them to enable the MIG wire recovery method,as I've lost a small fortune down drains.The most infuriating lost coin was when I used to collect the Rugby clubs lottery ticket money,I handed the change to the householder,she dropped it & it bounced behind the concrete doorstep through a gap less than quarter of an inch wide.The only way to recover it would be rent a jack-hammer & destroy the whole stairway to her front door,& for 53p thats an awful lot of work. :)

  Toneman 09:23 30 Apr 12

Recall a sad event in this area some time ago, a chap dropped his mobile down a road drain, went in head first to try to retrieve it, got stuck, found next morning, alas, too careful...

  Batch 16:12 30 Apr 12

Not quite the same but.......

Was burying dead cat in the garden. Dug 3ft deep hole (as you're supposed to). Knelt down to place cat at bottom of hole and over balanced, keeled over head first in to hole. Managed to stop my head hitting the cat at the bottom by supporting myself on my arms. But couldn't get myself back up again. Luckily SWMBO was standing there and managed to haul me out.

  Forum Editor 18:25 30 Apr 12


I've heard of 'one foot in the grave', but that beats the lot. My imagination is running riot, thinking of the scenario had SWMBO gone to stay with a relative for a few days.

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