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Keyloggers on the rise

  PaulB2005 14:51 16 Nov 05

Not sure where to put this one....

click here

Keyloggers Jump 65% As Info Theft Goes Mainstream

"The overall number of keyloggers has just skyrocketed this year," said Ken Dunham, senior engineer with Reston, Va.-based VeriSign iDefense. "It's all part of the last year's, 18 months' change in motive toward crimeware."

"Hackers are on a pace to deploy a record-setting 6,191 different keyloggers in 2005, a 65 percent boost from the 3,753 keyloggers released in 2004, said iDefense. As recently as 2000, there were a paltry 300. "

  pauldonovan 16:47 16 Nov 05

...i've been looking for some decent article on keyloggers.

I'm implementing keyfobs for our remote access and no-one seemed to believe my concern that keyloggers are becoming more of an issue and this is a great article to highlight it.

  Pidder 09:11 17 Nov 05

Just a thought, does a firewall prevent keyloggers getting in or out?

  PaulB2005 09:18 17 Nov 05

How they get in depends on how you picked it up in the first place. i.e. it won't stop one being installed from a CD or floppy.

However a firewall should alert you to the fact a program is trying to communicate out of your PC or trying to send e-mails out.

  pauldonovan 09:28 17 Nov 05

...a software firewall might prompt you regarding the communications, a hardware firewall however is likely to allow for example access on port 80 originating from your PC (e.g. in an office environment) over which the keylogger could send its results.

A firewall just stops communications, it won't stop the download of software over port 80 for example from a website.

I've never heard a firewall prompting you that a program is trying to send email out...well I guess it would if it was a separate program but if the keylogger hijacked outlook to send emails your firewall wouldn't know it wasn't you.

  PaulB2005 09:47 17 Nov 05

Outlook 2003 itself has a feature to warn you that a 3rd party program is attempting to send e-mail via Outlook.

Zone Alarm has a suspicious behaviour blocker, and I'm sure one of the features is that it'll alert you to 3rd party programs attempting to e-mail out via Outlook.

  pauldonovan 11:57 17 Nov 05

I'm using Outlook 2000, but I think it does do the 1st thing, not the second. Might have to upgrade at some point!

  Denis-174866 13:33 17 Nov 05

I'm using Blueyonders own pc security package, Pc Guard, and it alerts me to any attempt by any programme to contact the internet, and gives me the option as to allow or block the attempt.

  Pidder 18:19 17 Nov 05

Thanks for your replies. I have Zonealarm so hope for the best.

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