ken Dod

  Quickbeam 08 Feb 12

For England manager?

  wiz-king 08 Feb 12

Cricket - I presume?

  Bingalau 08 Feb 12

I don't think the Diddy Men play footie down the Jam Butty Mines in Knotty Ash. At least they didn't when I ran the Greyhound pub just across the road from where Doddy lives.

I think Capello was right to take the stance he has. I think it would have been correct for the FA to remove the armband from John Terry only after he had been found guilty. There is too much of this Guilty until proven innocent these days. I am not a fan of John Terry but I think it is a shabby way to treat him.

  buteman 08 Feb 12

I have to agree with you whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty.

A shabby way to treat a manager for standing by his player.

Maybe John Terry should repay his managers stand in wanting him to remain as captain by removing himself from the team selection until his trial is over.

  Forum Editor 08 Feb 12

"A shabby way to treat a manager for standing by his player."

He resigned - where's the shabby treatment?

  bremner 08 Feb 12

The FA should have spoken to Capello before removing Terry as captain.

However the Euro 2012 tournament is being held in Poland and Ukraine who both have a history of their fans, club and country abusing black players from other teams.

Lets say Ashley Cole was subject to racial abuse from the crowd in the first game, it would be very difficult for the FA to take a stand with their captain facing a trial at home for racial abuse.

It is a very difficult situation that could have been handled better by the FA, Terry and Capello.

  buteman 08 Feb 12

The shabby treatment is as he is Manager it should be his job to pick the team.What is the point of having a Manager if they don't let him Manage.

I am sure Fergie would also have told them what to do with there job if he was Manager.

  Quickbeam 09 Feb 12

re Terry, that's no different to any professional policeman, health or education worker being suspended from duty pending investigation of unacceptable behaviour, and that therefore the norm in this country, he's lucky to still be considered to play at all.

re Dodd, c'mon, it was a very tongue in cheek title paralleling two similarly charged and trialled persons, one of whom the FA (presumably) now sees as fully fit to be England manager.

The incident smacks of a stitchup with the outcome of Capello's talks hinging on the right trial verdict arriving in time. But I don't hear any tears for Capello...

  badgery 09 Feb 12

Quickbeam "I don't hear any tears"

It is most unlikely that you will, I would think!! (;-)

  bremner 09 Feb 12


Spot on, it really annoys me when pundits pull,out the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra as reason why he should have remained as captain.

  Legolas 09 Feb 12

As Quickbeam has pointed out many people when facing allegations are suspended from there normal employment till said allegations are investigated and proved or disproved. If the FA had had the gumption to suspend Terry right away then much of what has happened since would have been avoided. Was it a stitch up to give arry the job.....not even I am cynical enought to think that.


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