Keeping abreast of the situation

  Dragon_Heart 02:47 28 Jun 13

Wait for it .....

The Guardian ( yes once again ) reports on the 'row' about Holly Willoughby's dress worn the other night on the BBC.

The Guardian headlines the article, written by a woman I might add ) "The real boobs in the Holly Willoughby dress row are the 139 angry viewers".

What a fuss over nothing ! We used to be called a nation who did not complain but now its gone the other way. Pop over to the commercial channels and see all the ad's between children's TV for cat food, body lotion etc.

The Sun Newspaper reacts with a comment, again reported in the Guardian "The Sun's Page 3 models get dressed"

The final of The Voice did prop up it's viewing figures from about 4.2 million to an average audience of 7.2m, but 139 complains out of 7.2 million, again I say what's the fuss ?

Are these 139 expecting to go back to the Nan Winton days or have they got nothing else to complain about ?

  fourm member 08:13 28 Jun 13

A group of people are at a conference in a country house. Someone suggests hiring a bus to go out for a trip to a pub. Most of the group want to go.

It is 1953. Everyone goes and shares the cost.

It is 1973. Everyone shares the cost but the people who don't want to go stay behind.

It is 1993. Only the people going pay. Those who stay behind don't pay anything.

It is 2013. The people who don't want to go burst the tyres on the bus so no-one can go.

  morddwyd 09:12 28 Jun 13

Thank you for this thread. I now know who Holly Willoughby is!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 28 Jun 13

"If you've got it, flaunt it"

What's the fuss?

  bumpkin 13:57 28 Jun 13

Can't see anything wrong with the dress, she is a very attractive woman and looks good in it. It is the complainers that have the problem I bet I can guess their religion.

  Aitchbee 14:17 28 Jun 13


  bumpkin 14:57 28 Jun 13

Was it that obvious:-)

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