IClaudio 14:36 30 May 11

Nice to see our erstwhile Forum-eer on TV the other night.

  Autoschediastic 16:21 30 May 11

IClaudio do you have a link?

  spuds 17:03 30 May 11


Just put 'Kate Bevan newspaper journalist' into a search engine, and there should be quite a number of links.

  Bingalau 17:34 30 May 11

Haven't seen her on here in a long time though I suspect she was upset at some stage of proceedings. Now she probably has joined the ranks of the "lurkers". I think someone did ask what had happened to her a good while ago and quite rightly we were told by the FE that it was none of our business. Everyone can choose whether or not to be a lurker or otherwise. I think she probably had and still has, more important things to occupy her mind.

  bremner 17:38 30 May 11
  Al94 18:11 30 May 11

Haven't seen Gandalf in many weeks?

  Legolas 18:20 30 May 11

He's away saving middle earth ;))

  Legolas 18:22 30 May 11

In fact I'm with him, just been through the paths of the dead, very scary.

  Quickbeam 18:26 30 May 11

Let me know if you need a forest guide...

  n47. 19:16 30 May 11

Seen Kate a few times on news 24.


Think he has morphed into some one else ;-)

  rdave13 19:21 30 May 11


Wonder which forum member he's morphed too?

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