Karaoke in the House?

  spider9 15 Mar 13


Was anyone else finding it hard to picture our MPs at a karaoke night in the Houses of Parliament?

Seems they are a regular feature.

  Quickbeam 15 Mar 13

Karaoke is best left to the pubs that I don't go to.

  Bing.alau 15 Mar 13

MP's should set the nation an example by closing all bars in Westminster Palace. They should certainly not be allowed to drink in their place of work. I am sure I was never allowed to do so apart from when I managed a pub. They obviously can't hold it anyway.

  fourm member 15 Mar 13


I'm half in agreement with you.

I do think politicians need to take alcohol more seriously and having a bar at work is a bad idea but this was the Sports & Social Club bar and, though less common these days, the works' social club used to be a common thing for larger companies.

  morddwyd 15 Mar 13

"I am sure I was never allowed to do so "

Wouldn't have done for me. No Naafi clubs, Mallys or Sergeants' or Officers' Mess Bars?

  Aitchbee 15 Mar 13

I would have to wear a suit 'n' tie to get in ... which would cramp my style ... so, thanks but no thanks.

  Bing.alau 15 Mar 13

morddwyd. I bet those places you mention were run to tighter rules than the ones in the Houses of Parliament. The ones I frequented were anyway. You didn't use them when you were actually on duty. If you did, then you were a very naughty lad.

  finerty 16 Mar 13

dont you mean a drunken brawl

  finerty 16 Mar 13


What a disgrace looking for a punch up MP

  lotvic 16 Mar 13

It is unfortunate (!) that directly underneath that story, a link to more politics stories:

"We are here to fight, PM tells party"

"David Cameron appeals to the Tory grassroots to focus on defeating Labour, saying "we are here to fight", at the party's spring conference. "


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