Karadzic caught at last...

  Bingalau 22:45 21 Jul 08

Not before time is it?

  peter99co 00:03 22 Jul 08

But can they keep hold of him? He has a lot of nasty friends

  crosstrainer 06:42 22 Jul 08

He's off to the Hague to face justice. Rest assured that he will not escape.

One more to find now, and I suspect that he will be looking over his shoulders on a far more regular basis. The border is very porous, and these individuals still had / have many friends in the upper echelons of the armed forces, which is how they have remained at large for the last 13 years.

  laurie53 09:07 22 Jul 08

Good news indeed.


Depends how bad Serbia wants to join the EU.

Money and politics, money and politics.

  spuds 09:29 22 Jul 08

Have you ever noticed, when atrocities occur anywhere worldwide, the leaders are always treated with respect and consideration?.

  sunny staines 09:33 22 Jul 08

caught on a bus in belgrade town centre, did not try hard to stay out of sight.

  peter99co 12:07 22 Jul 08

That is because he is such an arrogant ******

  dth 12:16 22 Jul 08

makes no sense to me - off to the hague for fighting to try and save his country

  interzone55 16:02 22 Jul 08

He's charged with genocide, murder and crimes against humanity.

There's ways and means to save your country, and massacring thousands of civilians is not one of the legal ones...

  ened 16:51 22 Jul 08

Why has Mugabe never been indicted?

  peter99co 18:32 22 Jul 08

Because he only kills his own ( or orders others to do it by his rants )

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