Just when you thought IE was safe ...

  johndrew 20 Sep 12

.... yet another hole in its security is found.

This is the article and this is the Microsoft Security Advisory.

  interzone55 20 Sep 12

I've never though IE was safe - unfortunately we have to use it at work as it's the only browser supported by our SAP system.

I never use it for internet though...

  rdave13 20 Sep 12

I always use IE. Prefer it but have FF as standby. I'll still be using it and quite happy to do so. I think most browsers will have some vulnerability, it's just when someone finds a weakness then it's usually covered as soon as possible, until they find another one.

  morddwyd 20 Sep 12

Never used it since I first got an internet connection in '96.

Netscape, Firefox, Chrome.

  Aitchbee 20 Sep 12

I thought that up-to-date security packages like Norton 360 [which I am using at the moment along with IE8], would protect my computer from any internet nasties.

  rdave13 20 Sep 12

Aitchbee , along with safe browsing, it should.

  rdave13 20 Sep 12

Just for a bit more scary publishing, click here :)

  Condom 20 Sep 12

Clearly it is in the interests of this organisation to highlight and pontificate about things like this as they are looking for paying members.

IE9 is perfectly OK and better than many provided you use it with proper protection. In a few weeks IE10 will be out and I will have no qualms in updating when the time comes.

  Condom 22 Sep 12

For anyone who is concerned, Microsoft have posted today an update to fix the potential IE9 problem.

  Forum Editor 22 Sep 12

IE9 is fine, it's as safe as any other browser in my opinion. Vulnerabilities tend to get talked about, but they usually represent a minimal risk as far as the average computer user is concerned. I certainly have no qualms about using it, although I tend to prefer Chrome - just a personal preference thing more than for any specific reason.


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