sl2 22:37 01 Feb 08

Its based much around the "Blair Witch Project" where its through a camcorder, i expected more with all the hype but whats new eh, This isnt to say its rubbish cause it ISNT, its got a Supper ugly giagantic alien thats about 40 floor's at least in hight looking for prey (Humans) its basicly unstoppable (expect a number two soon thats film i mean) its got aditional aliens that fall from it & search the humans too, i wont spoil it anymore for anyone but it is deffo worth watching & if i was to be honest the only part that i didnt like was the first 15/20 mins when there at a party it goes on too long before the film starts,i would watch it again as its allright, the plot is a bit bland though with the main character chasing after his girfriend that he doesnt realy know but he risk's his & others lives...the plot continues

  sl2 22:38 01 Feb 08

upp's i did forget


click here

  Bingalau 22:43 01 Feb 08

Well that saves me watching it anyway, sounds like a right load of rubbish.

  al7478 23:44 01 Feb 08

ill be seeing it.

its brevity is a big selling point for me. i think thats important with monster films. especially if you cant be bothered with character development and you're dealing basically with an age old story.

yes, that means you, peter jackson.

  Quickbeam 08:15 02 Feb 08

and disappointment that 'I Am Legend' brought, I think I'll stay in and watch 'Cars' again & again & again...

  babybell 13:09 04 Feb 08

I watched it last night and never has a film affected me so much after i've left the cinema. It was raining heavy when i left the cinema and this added too the mood and i must say i was pretty freaked out by the film. I loved it, the other half was dissapointed at the ending but i thought it finished brilliantly. She did also say that no one through out the attack would keep filming but as i pointed out to her if he had put the camera down then there would have been no film. I also liked the way that one charcter made a point of saying he'd accidentally taped over the video of him on a date and how during the film whenever they stopped the camera you would get a small section of his normal life. Brilliant. Don't watch it on DVD though, it will have no where near the same effect.

  interzone55 13:20 04 Feb 08

Not seen Cloverfield, and don't think I will as it's not really my sort of film, but I did watch Sweeney Todd yesterday.

I wasn't really looking forward to it, but Mrs alan14 wanted to go.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I've always liked Tim Burton's work, especially when Johnny Depp is involved as well, I just didn't think I'd enjoy a musical.

The last musical I enjoyed this much was The Little Shop Of Horrors from 1986. Although that was a comedy, and the only humour to be found in Sweeney Todd was very dark indeed.

  al7478 21:29 07 Feb 08

just seen cloverfield today. im no aficionado of monster movies but thought it was pretty good.there was very little flab and the scale of the monster is put across very well. remember - plot and character development arent the point of this film.

  lisa02 21:51 07 Feb 08

Sweeney Todd was excellent, I didn't much like his version of Charlie & The Choc Factory or Corpse Bride.

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