Just had to tell someone!

  Awshum 14:51 16 Mar 10

I bought a commodore c64 with tape deck, joystick and games all in original packaging, in full working order!

Just played Fiendish Freddy.... oh the memories.

My daughters have never seen a cassette before, until now, and are bemused by this computer.

  Quickbeam 15:14 16 Mar 10

Was it forgotten old stock?

  Awshum 15:21 16 Mar 10

No got it off a colleague for £20. Oh.... Panic Dizzy just finished loading. xD

  peter99co 16:16 16 Mar 10

You will have time to make your own tea now while you wait for games to load.

  tullie 16:36 16 Mar 10

Brings back some terriffic memories,dont suppose you want to sell it on?

  Monoux 16:38 16 Mar 10

Awshum -- You can have a Peek and a Poke at it :o)

  canarieslover 16:50 16 Mar 10

The old computers were so relaxing. You could go and make tea or even have lunch while you waited for them to load a program. For the impatient there are always emulators that will make use of the much faster loading from hard drive.
click here

  Pineman100 19:03 16 Mar 10

"The old computers were so relaxing"

You obviously never had a Sinclair ZX80/81!

It took ten minutes to find the right volume setting on your cassette recorder for programs to load. If a leaf fell in the garden, it would crash.

Relaxing?? I used to end up with teethmarks in my tongue!!

  PalaeoBill 19:20 16 Mar 10

I have one in the loft along with a PET, a Dragon, a BBC Micro and a Sinclair ZX81. I had a Sirius 1 but foolishly loaned it to a colleague andd never got it back. They are all carefully wrapped and hidden for someone to find and take to a distant future antiques roadshow. I was tempted to stick a VCR up there as well but I think, like the LP turntables, they will still be in use for years to come by too many people.

  canarieslover 19:28 16 Mar 10

They were just prior to my interest in computers but I can remember having to play about with volume and azimuth adjustment to get programs loaded on a Spectrum. A pair of Microdrives cured that but it was a pain, not to say expensive, transfering programs to Microdrive cartridges.

  Hercule Marple 19:54 16 Mar 10

I had a Spectrum, than an Amstrad 464, but most of my mates had either a C64 or a BBC B. They were all great gaming machines in their own ways. I did get to play quite a few C64 games (and Vic-20 games!) back then, and I once swapped my 464 for a C64 for a couple of weeks. I even bought a few editions of Zzap 64! magazine, even though I didn't own a C64, lol.

Favourite C64 games:-

Paradroid (still good to play now. Paradroid '90 on Amiga was very good, too)
Dropzone (excellent Defender type arcade game)
Kickstart 2 (budget motorbike game, great for 2-player)
Pitstop 2 (Formula One game, probably horribly dated now)
Winter Games (Looked amazing at the time)

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