Just Feeling Good

  laurie53 19:44 14 Apr 07

Apropos nothing at all, I finished my first self build computer a couple of hours ago.

It works (as you can see!) and I'm feeling pretty damn good.

Senility held at bay for another few months!


  thms 19:48 14 Apr 07

CONGRATULATIONS on your first build.
I have built a few over the years and always remember my first one. I was terrified to switch it on.

  p;3 20:13 14 Apr 07

I have no idea of the pitfalls OF self-building...but MY congratuations to YOU on your achievement::))

what OS have you given it?

and of course you HAVE given it a name?

  Watchful 20:42 14 Apr 07

Give yourself a pat on the back.

  ulrich 20:43 14 Apr 07

Its a great experience when you turn it on, the fans spin up, lights glow and it says Windows is starting up. Well done.

  p;3 20:59 14 Apr 07

'and it says Windows is starting up. Well done.'

??it even SPEAKS?? I LIKE it::)))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:13 14 Apr 07

Ooo your in trouble now!

You've caught the bug, the PC will never be safe from your constant need to tweak and upgrade.

You will be surfing the net to find out when the next local computer fair is on. Then scouring the fair for things to add to your PC.

Next it will be see through side panels and cold cathode tubes.

Isn't it great when it boots up?

Welcome to the club.


  wolfie3000 22:09 14 Apr 07

Congrats on your first buld,

Just wait until you discover overclocking ;)

  laurie53 09:29 15 Apr 07

Thanks for the good wishes.

I'd already done a bit of upgrading, hard drives, memory, writers, even a PSU, which is what finally convinced me I could probably do it.

It wasn't quite as simple as switch on and boot up, I'm afraid.

While it booted up OK, it then reset itself, and continued in this loop. It helps if you set the DVD writer to Master, and make sure the IDE connector is fully home!

Now, if I can just find a laptop case somewhere!


  Bingalau 10:52 15 Apr 07

Nothing but admiration from someone who has only managed to insert a set of USB 2 thingies. Well done!

  rodriguez 12:09 15 Apr 07

I remember when I built my first P4 machine that needed the extra 4-pin power connector. I forgot it, because all the ones I'd built before were standard 20-pin. I spent ages wondering why the fans were going round but there were no beeps and nothing on the screen. I ended up changing the CPU, RAM and then finally worked it out and changed the PSU for a P4 one with the extra 4-pin connector - and surprise surprise it all started up fine. :-P

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