Just for Brumas

  birdface 11:35 11 Jul 08

Thought I would try you with a Friday one since I came close with your last 2.Crossword.[6 and 7]Can you name a Flightless bird from Iceland.Get you history books out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 11 Jul 08

thats a great aukward question haven't seen one like that since 1844.

Brumas onl deals in pictures doesn't he?

  Chris the Ancient 11:54 11 Jul 08

Frozen Chicken?

  Noldi 12:06 11 Jul 08

Pinguinus impennis?


  Brumas 12:33 11 Jul 08

Björk Guðmundsdóttir ?

  Chris the Ancient 13:54 11 Jul 08

At least I stayed within the constraints of 6 letters and 7 letters ;-))

  birdface 15:03 11 Jul 08

That did not last long.Chris the Ancient got it in one.History book was just to throw you off the scent.Well done.

  crosstrainer 15:08 11 Jul 08

Are we not to be graced with Brumas' picture(s) today?

  Brumas 15:20 11 Jul 08

21:00 as normal :o))

  Chris the Ancient 15:21 11 Jul 08

I had better luck with that than I do with Brumas's pictures.

I look at them every weekend and I've never got the foggiest idea. And one of them was even somewhere I actually knew and had walked round.

So, buteman, when you're down here - close to where two large motorway bridges cross a wide estuary and a very high engineering miracle (in its day) crosses a tributary to that river as it flows through a gorge (no, this not a competition!) - will I get my just rewards of a pint of 'falling-down water'?


  crosstrainer 15:31 11 Jul 08

I usually fail badly, but got it last week. The only one I really knew for sure was Cardiff Queen Street the week before last.

I had a prior engagement and missed it!

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