Jobs in Somerset

  mrgrockle 09:22 08 Aug 07

OK as their are so many people on this forum i thought i would ask you all for some help.
I need to look at jobs in the Taunton area of Somerset, or up to 30 miles from Taunton.

Including District/County Councils, NHS/PCT's & Charities.

Had a start by googeling, but if anyone knows of specific sites that would help.

Thanks in advance.

  Kate B 09:25 08 Aug 07

Can't help with anything specific as it's not my patch, but wanted to wish you good luck with that.

  bremner 09:26 08 Aug 07
  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:36 08 Aug 07

Book into a Taunton B&B for 5 days and do some serious leg work...much better than applying by email/phone.


  Bingalau 10:36 08 Aug 07

I believe they make good cider down that way. Maybe there's a job going in that industry. The perks might be good too.

  mrgrockle 13:44 08 Aug 07

Thanks for that useless info!

Thanks bremmner for those links.
Bingalau, Taunton Cider went to the wall about 7 years ago!

Most of the NHS jobs I have done recently have been through agencies, but I’m after something more permanent this time.

May will have to do more searching on the net.
Thanks to those who provided good info.

  Kate B 13:51 08 Aug 07

Actually, Gandalf's advice was very good: you are far more likely to find a job on the ground rather than by email. I don't think there was any need to be rude to him, either.

  Brumas 14:30 08 Aug 07

Kate B was correct - you have only been here 5 minutes and already you are showing 'bad manners'

  mrgrockle 16:52 08 Aug 07

In a previous post i had mentioned i used to live in Somerset!
i dont like your tone either but i dont winge!

  mrgrockle 16:56 08 Aug 07

I will go else where to find the info, dont want to hurt anyones feelings do i now.
Some of you must be in-breds from the sticks!

  Chris the Ancient 17:24 08 Aug 07

Please do go elsewhere. And I wish you luck.

However, rudeness to other members in this forum are an excellent way of alienating them. End result? People will be unwilling to help - despite how genuine a question may be.

I will offer one tip, though. By use of the google (or similar) search engine, find out what the local paper for the area you wish to move to is, log into their website and review the situations vacant there.

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