Jessops in Administration

  Al94 09 Jan 13

The end of another High Street name?

  Nontek 09 Jan 13

Hmm, that's a pity - I liked my local Jessops, the shop will be missed. I recently bought a great Nikon camera from them after a nice lottery win!

  Quickbeam 09 Jan 13

They failed change with the wind.

  Quickbeam 09 Jan 13

...of change.

  spuds 09 Jan 13

Just goes to show how a few hours makes all the difference.

On Monday our local newspaper was stating that Jessops had just made an announcement that 15 non-profitable stores were to close, and that the staff would be offered alternative employment within the group.

" Jessops remains committed to the high street and this is part of a programme to improve the quality of Jessops estate".

I know very recently that they have been spending on refurbishment of at least one new relocation store, with ten more to follow, which will bring the total number of store revamps to 90 out of 180 by the end of this year.

  wiz-king 09 Jan 13

Shame, they were always a good shop with that rare thing staff with knowledge or if the Saturday girl/boy did not know they would always ask. I bought a couple of cameras from them last year at a reasonable price.

  pavvi 09 Jan 13

How many online stores are not paying their tax (like amazon) while British names like Jacobs who disappeared last year and Jessops now struggle. I hope that Jessops manage to survive. Trouble is they will have hoards of people demanding goods at massive reductions and that won't help.

I am a keen photographer and buy quite a bit of gear from Jessops. I like being able to test out gear before I buy. I like being able to speak to someone rather than rely on photographic forums where they often review cameras and lenses by pixel peeping which isn't the most reliable way of looking at how good a camera or lens is. Hopefully someone does rescue them. But there aren't any large groups left.

  morddwyd 09 Jan 13

The biggest problem with Jessops was their popularity.

Every time I went in my local store it was a wait of fifteen to twenty minutes to get served by their very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

That was mid-week, never tried weekends, or around Christmas time.

  woodchip 09 Jan 13

Its been on the cards for some years

  BT 09 Jan 13

Its been on the cards for some years

That's right. They were planning a share issue about 10 years ago, which was cancelled at the last minute. At the time I'd planned to invest but it wasn't to be.

  spider9 09 Jan 13

Part of the problem was punters using the 'very knowledgeable staff' to answer questions, and getting to handle the goods, before going home and buying the same camera on-line, cheaper.

They won't be the last retailer to suffer this, and we are all to blame.


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