Janet and John

  Curio 14:16 09 May 06

A series of quirky, humourous tongue in cheek tales that have been narrated by Terry Wogan on his morning show in the recent past. In my opinion, absolutely first class. Now available on CD for the Children in Need Charity. For a tenner you get a great laugh and you help the charity. Can't get much better than that
click here Over 26,000 sold so far- and counting

  Sethhaniel 14:26 09 May 06

is beyond me ;)

  Curio 14:29 09 May 06

I don't laugh at him - I laugh with him!:0))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:36 09 May 06

Amazingly I agree with Sethhaniel; Wogan and his annoying, catatonic accent is even less funny than the ridiculous duo of Ant & Dec. I have been to more hilarious funerals. I avoid Radio 2 because of him only listening when his excuse for a show is perented by Johnnie Walker. If you want innuendo see Julian Clary not a soporific mad Irishman.


  tony58 15:07 09 May 06

i dont go to the PROMS IN THE PARK because of that ijjit.he makes eveythink somehow cheesy ,but the worst thing is, even if i dont look or listen to him i am still paying his astronomical wages

  Sethhaniel 15:11 09 May 06

they keep churning out Wogan - Forsyth - etc and then wonder why their viewing figures are down.

I think we'd win ther Eurovision song contest if we had a different presenter - the 'nil points' are a direct attack on the presenter ;)

  rmcqua 15:24 09 May 06

I work with a very cute, very intelligent young lady, who thinks Wogan's accent is highly sexy. Most of her young female colleagues agree!

  Sethhaniel 15:27 09 May 06

humour wit personality ad infinitum non existent


  Mikè 15:32 09 May 06

Also look at the listening figures click here

7.97 million listeners.

  anskyber 15:52 09 May 06

click here
Surely a link here!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:00 09 May 06

Would that figure include the living?


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