I've stood as much as I can stand

  csqwared 04 Jul 12

and I can't stand no more!!!

Can posters please sort out the difference between lose and loose (loser and looser). The amount of times these two words are mis-used is staggering.

Lose - to misplace. Loser - someone not in the lead. Loose - not tight. Looser - not as tight.

Rant over Ducking behind parapet.

  bremner 04 Jul 12

Nearly as annoying as the countless times we see ducking with a capital letter mid sentence.

So frustrating :0)

  Aitchbee 04 Jul 12

I used to cringe when ever I heard the word ABSOLUTELY, mostly on BBC radio4 'chat shows' ... in response to a question. I haven't heard it (that word) for a while.It must be out of fashion, now.

  Forum Editor 04 Jul 12

I posted twice with examples of misuses that irritate me, and almost instantly regretted doing so. Not everyone writes perfect English, or never misspells a word.

I decided to delete my own posts, which must be a first. Perhaps I'll email myself to demand an explanation.

  csqwared 04 Jul 12



  Aitchbee 04 Jul 12

FE, absolutely!

  carver 04 Jul 12

csqward there is no reason to loose control, if you just loosened up a bit I'm sure you would see that complaining that way is just a sign of a loser, or looser or, any way you have lost it.

  csqwared 04 Jul 12


No, not lost it, just a reasonable grasp of my mother tongue.

  Aitchbee 04 Jul 12

I just got a red-fonted sentence from PCA describing my "Snap!" post as 'We think this is spam'

  Aitchbee 04 Jul 12

My last post was a test to see if SPAM! was alright and SNAP! wasn't.

  Aitchbee 04 Jul 12

...let's call the whole thing off!


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