I've seen a Googlecar

  DANZIG 09:01 14 Aug 08

Spotted one yesterday driving to work in Bradford.

click here

Hope that link works, also it proves the sun actually DOES shine in Bradford sometimes..

  crosstrainer 09:08 14 Aug 08

Looks a bit "Heath Robinson" to me, did it have "Google" painted on it anywhere?

  DANZIG 09:10 14 Aug 08

Yes. There was a Google label on the drivers side door

  crosstrainer 09:12 14 Aug 08

They will be will be easy to spot then...And a bit "iffy" in high winds :)

  Bingalau 11:22 14 Aug 08

Excuse my ignorance but what is a Google Car and what is it intended for?

  GRIDD 12:08 14 Aug 08
  Si_L 12:17 14 Aug 08

Let me get this straight? They are not actually made by google? From your picture DANZIG they look like Opels.

  version8 12:17 14 Aug 08

Saw one only this morning on the way to work.
Should we have smiled and waved & appeared on google for ever?

  GRIDD 12:24 14 Aug 08

Let me get this straight? They are not actually made by google?

Nope - last time I checked Google aren't a car manufacturer. It seems they're using the same kind of car all over.... probably got a good deal with Opel. In my link it shows a row of Opel cars for work in the Netherlands.

  Bingalau 12:27 14 Aug 08

So this will prove to be a good way for nosy people such as council officials, to spy on us without leaving their armchairs?

  Si_L 12:29 14 Aug 08

Good point.

I say, torch them.

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