i've past this way before??

  Seth Haniel 10:54 28 Apr 10

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The man told the rescue team he had been keeping the coast to his right and had ended up sailing in circles around Sheppey.

  dagbladet 11:51 28 Apr 10

More from the local rag. Unless this chap was as incredibly incompetent as he appears, something just doesn't ring true about all this.

Coastguard Ian Goodwin said: "We passed on relevant safety advice and advised him that the best way to Southampton would be by train."

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  wiz-king 12:24 28 Apr 10

They live among us.

  Woolwell 13:09 28 Apr 10

I think you are right in that something doesn't ring true about this. I find it hard to believe that he had circled the Isle of Sheppey. The channel between it and the mainland isn't that big (you are easily able to see both sides) and you have to pass under the road and rail bridge. However regrettably he isn't the most stupid to put to sea click here and there probably will be more.

  Legolas 13:20 28 Apr 10

I so want this to be true

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:25 28 Apr 10

This merely confirms my belief that selective breeding is the way forward.


  Legolas 13:33 28 Apr 10


  dagbladet 14:56 28 Apr 10


There's a few things that don't add up. As you say , there's the bridge, you would only have to see it twice to realise you're going in small circles. Also, no charts (only road maps), no nav aids, a radio which he didn't know how to use.

This bit from the paper "...he thought that because he could drive in his car to Southampton using a single tank of fuel, he only needed one tank of fuel for the vessel...". As I say it seems too incompetent. Of course the guy may have some kind of psychological issues.

  natdoor 15:07 28 Apr 10

Is he the same guy who did three ciruits of the M25 and, when stopped by the police, asked if it was far to Sunderland?

  Seth Haniel 15:44 28 Apr 10

to wear his glasses ;)

  peter99co 18:04 28 Apr 10

Just because there was a bridge does not mean anything. He may also have a bad memory.

It also may have been cloudy (no sun) or foggy (no horizon)

If he does get near Southampton he may follow the land on the left and go round the Isle of Wight.

I bet he is enjoying himself though.

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