I've just heard Davy Jones...lead singer of the Monkees has died.

  Aitchbee 21:39 29 Feb 12

What a great group of characters that group had.

The English accent of Davy, I beleive, made their TV show very popular in the UK.

Goodbye Davy.

  Aitchbee 21:49 29 Feb 12
  Quickbeam 22:03 29 Feb 12

They'll be a few more '60s idols catching that last train to Clarksville over the next decade or so. All those that survived the drink and drugs excess era are coming up to face old age syndrome now.

  Condom 22:10 29 Feb 12

I was watching some late night/early morning music program on the TV last week and he was on and as I had not seen him for years it took a while to realise who it was. He had not aged well. I suppose it was the same with Micky who I always remembered as the lovely little "Circus Boy" and when he appeared as the Monkees drummer in later years he too had not grown well.

To be honest they were not musically gifted, well three of them weren't, and without the emerging talent of Neil Diamond doing most of their songwriting they may have vanished a lot quicker than they did.

  Aitchbee 22:12 29 Feb 12

Everyone has to get on that final taxi, for sure!

  Condom 22:21 29 Feb 12


A Taxi?? I can just imagine St Peter's reaction if you turn up in a Taxi. I think you had better start walking done them stairs and take your extinguisher from your other post with you :-)

  Graham* 00:42 01 Mar 12

In the 60's I was a roadie with Hermans's Hermits. We played a night club in Manchester one night, Davy Jones was in the audience. He was on his own, but I didn't see it as my place to ask him to join us, the Hermit's managers were there.

I still regret not sticking my neck out, no-one spoke to him. Sorry, Davy, next time.

  morddwyd 09:20 01 Mar 12

"They'll be a few more '60s idols catching that last train to Clarksville over the next decade or so"

They are all contemporariness of mine, so that's cheered me up for the day no end!

  morddwyd 09:20 01 Mar 12

Whoops, forgot the purpose.

RIP Davy.

  interzone55 10:05 01 Mar 12


I've always had a rule to leave celebs alone when they're "off duty", and have spent many a night in Manchester bars a couple of stools away from rock stars. Sometimes I'll speak to them if they look like they're in the mood, but if they're alone and have the far away look of a three day binge behind them I leave well alone.

My biggest regret is the time when I was in a cinema queue behind Ian Brown (Stone Roses) and his kids. I had a freshly bought copy of the 20th Anniversary edition of the Stone Roses debut in my pocket, but because he was with his kids my rule prevented me getting an autograph.

In the same queue was Gemma Atkinson from Hollyoaks and premier league WAG fame, she used to work for me when she was at college, but she didn't recognise me :-(

rip Davy Jones

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