I've got a PSP to review!

  Kate B 21:18 24 Mar 05

Wooo-hoo! I'm reviewing the Sony PSP and I've got my mitts on one for the duration of the bank holiday weekend!

It looks beautiful - wonderful screen. Just had a quick look at one game, a racing game, which looks amazing. Feels chunky (perhaps a wee bit too big for my hands) and has already picked up my network and offered to update the firmware. It might even keep me away from World of Warcraft for a couple of hours ... and I've been playing a LOT of that over the past few days as I've broken my foot and am confined to barracks.

  Buchan 35 21:41 24 Mar 05

The things people do for a bit of time off!!! ;-)))

  powerless 22:11 24 Mar 05

Picked up your network?

I knew they were wi-fi'd but what can one do? [apart from wifi muliplayer].

  Kate B 22:25 24 Mar 05

it scanned for an update to the firmware, downloaded and installed it ... pretty nifty. Otherwise just multi-player. I think Sony has missed a trick not putting a browser on it - the screen and the controls are certainly good enough.

  powerless 00:27 25 Mar 05


There maybe just that around the corner either from Sony or some very clever people, so i was reading.

  Dan the Doctus 00:43 25 Mar 05

Did it come with Spider-Man 2?

  Kate B 00:50 25 Mar 05

Dan, no, I've got a couple of racing games (terrific) and a soccer game which I can't get the hang of. When they finally arrive and I buy my own, I want GTA ...

  Kate B 00:51 25 Mar 05

Powerless, where did you see that - have you got a link? It seems such a glaring omission

  powerless 01:52 25 Mar 05

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