ITV hit with record £5.68m fine

  Seth Haniel 14:15 08 May 08

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ITV has revealed that The Catherine Tate Show was robbed of a prize at the 2005 British Comedy Awards.

Although Tate collected more votes for the People's Choice Award, Ant and Dec were announced as the winners for their Saturday Night Takeaway programme.

It is thought that presenter Robbie Williams had been given assurances that Ant and Dec would win.

  belfman 15:09 08 May 08

Should be higher. They are no better than the phishers, spammers and scammers on the internet.

  Totally-braindead 15:24 08 May 08

A record fine is all very well but how much money did they actually make of all the scam calls? If they made more than the fine then its not much of an incentive is it?

Heres a bit from the article "ITV made £7.8m from uncounted votes".
So you make £7.8 million and get fined £5.68m leaving you a paltry £2.12m pounds better off.

Hardly worth getting out of bed for is it?

Sorry but what happened is not a fine, its more like an unexpected tax as surely a fine should at least take all the profit.

They should have been fined every penny that they made profit and a bit more. Wheres the incentive to stop this happening again as they still made more than £2 million.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:51 08 May 08

Why am I not surprised.


  Forum Editor 18:52 08 May 08

Because you're a cynical cynic from cynicsville, and your experience has given you a pretty good understanding of human nature.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:04 08 May 08

Spot on assessment.

I am also sure that Ant and Dec knew nothing about this *ahem* 3rd 'problem' with their programme.....even though they own the production company. I would suggest that they tighten up on their staff to ensure people do not fling awful accusations in their general direction.


  interzone55 20:55 08 May 08

ITV have so far repaid a massive £9718, with outstanding claims worth £356. The rest of the unclaimed £7.8m will go to 50 charities.

  Chegs ®™ 01:06 09 May 08

My opinion is,serves the people phoning in right.I cant abide Ant & Dec and their production company also deserve to be prosecuted.

  Miros 05:33 09 May 08

I am forever amazed by the continuing success of Ant & Dec.

  Forum Editor 06:34 09 May 08

have said they are 'Appalled' by what happened, and they are handing back their award.

  €dstowe 06:37 09 May 08

All this and the sewer press tried to hide it behind the scandal at Blue Peter where they falsified a competition to name the programme's new pussy cat (or something similar significance).

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