It's your Funeral...

  Z1100 21:42 26 Mar 07

and mine, when the time comes. I keep thinking about going into the Funeral Director and asking him 'what he offers' if you know what I mean.

I mean, does everyone still get buried on consecrated ground? Would you want to be? Does anyone know your answer?

What about a nice custom painted coffin, or just an old shroud? There must be some good deals out there. And lets face it, are you going to shop around when your partner dies? Or should you both shop around now and get a few quid off and the opportunity to make your own statement at your funeral?

The possibilities are endless...


  wolfie3000 21:47 26 Mar 07

To be honest i really dont care what happens to my body after i die,

Chuck me in a landfill for all i care,

although a few scrap metal merchants would make a few bob out of me.

  rodriguez 23:05 26 Mar 07

Same here - burn me or bury me I don't care. As long as you play Always Look on the Bright Side of Life at my funeral I'm happy. :-D

  bennyhillslovechild 23:06 26 Mar 07

I've decided to be cremated, and then have my ashes scattered in the back garden while the neighbour has her washing out. I've been trying to get in her knickers for years, and that'll be my only chance! :)

  Woolwell 23:08 26 Mar 07

For something different

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  Stuartli 23:17 26 Mar 07

I once attended the "green" funeral of a friend in Yorkshire.

We dug the grave ourselves and lowered his body, housed in a cardboard coffin, into it before covering the coffin with the soil.

After the short ceremony we all retired to a nearby public house for the knees up he had planned for some time to celebrate his life.

It proved a remarkably moving day.


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  Jak_1 00:29 27 Mar 07

A bin liner and the local council incinerater will do me fine. Then they can pay for their own drinks at the wake, if there is one! :)

  wee eddie 08:07 27 Mar 07

in the sand-bed beneath the Ice of the local Curling rink.

I have yet to make arrangements with a local undertaker. No Coffin (a shroud or a recyclable coffin would do) and obviously Cremation.

I can't decide about refusing a Service, but I'm leaning that way.

  hzhzhzhz 08:24 27 Mar 07



  Jimmy14 08:30 27 Mar 07

This forum is extremely jolly, I must add.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:58 27 Mar 07

Personally I tend to take a practical view ...whip out any organs/bits that may be of use as it is unlikely that I will need them and burn the rest. Not fussed where the ashes go as I probably will not notice, Flushed down the toilet is as good a place as any, not keen on romantic views of ashes being scattered to the four winds in my favourite place.


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