Its a wind up?

  Ex plorer 14:39 PM 23 Dec 12

And it was, My mum who is 90 said the lamp she used in the kitchen diner for emergency’s was dim.

I said wind it up then, or pass it here and I will do it for you.

90 or not she has her wits about her and just looked at me and said want a cup of tea.

Two weeks passed and she said I wasn’t going to fall for that winding the lamp up to charge the battery. What batteries do I need.

You may have realized by now it was a wind up lamp, just like torches, and radios.

Amused us both.

  Aitchbee 15:11 PM 23 Dec 12

Somebody once strategically placed and superglued a bright shiny one pound coin to the dark wooden floorboards down at my local pub so that nobody could miss it. Yes ... I fell for it too.

  Chegs ®™ 09:32 AM 27 Dec 12

My Grandmother was forever uttering "see a penny,pick it up & all the day you'll have good luck" As a result,I will attempt to pick up any money I see laying on the ground.I thought I was doing well when on one walk upto school with my daughter I spotted £7.90p in change in the grass,obviously fallen out the pocket when they'd sat down to rest after the steepest part of the walk.Over that summer,my daughter found several tenners and some £20's in the same area.We eventually referred to the school walk as the "treasure hunt" as we found various amounts from 1p to £40.I also regularly try to scoop up the 2p from the top of a low wall in the same area,only it's been glued inplace yet still I try.

  mole1944 05:16 AM 28 Dec 12

Well done bumkin,true honesty,i've been done like that several times by my son and he's 38,still you can't take it with you lol.

  Bing.alau 15:36 PM 28 Dec 12

bumpkin. Well done and I hope you were rewarded by her passing the test. (By the way, did you ever think of putting the word "Country" in front of your handle?)

  spuds 08:37 AM 29 Dec 12


I wonder who felt the most proudest. You having a wise daughter, or your daughter on her brilliant achievement?.

  Bing.alau 21:04 PM 29 Dec 12

bumpkin. You are in good company because that makes two of us. I daren't mention Brumas and Macscouse.

  Brumas 22:59 PM 29 Dec 12

Bing.alau if it's a club I'm joining ;o}

  Macscouse 00:09 AM 30 Dec 12

Bagsy I treasurer

  Bing.alau 12:30 PM 30 Dec 12

What are we going to call the club? How about "The Thick In'ted Club"? Hope Macscouse doesn't set the annual subs too high. I will be one of the members who never wants to be a committee member. Always have loads of them of course.

  Brumas 12:37 PM 30 Dec 12

Bing.alau, thought perhaps you'd take on the 'Drinks and Entertainment Secretary's job ;o}


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