It's too cloudy to see the dragon

  Quickbeam 09:06 20 Mar 15

...cross the path of the sun in South Yorks.

Has anyone got a clear sky anywhere today?

  Quickbeam 09:18 20 Mar 15

Ah! I just got a brief view of about 75% eclipse through thinned clouds passing across which is probably the safest way to see it anyway.

  Al94 09:25 20 Mar 15

Almost clear sky, just some thin hazy cloud - getting darker now

  Quickbeam 10:09 20 Mar 15

The skies cleared as the eclipse passed, and now there isn't a cloud in the sky, and it's warming up nicely.

I wonder if that's down to the following wind of the dragons breath that the ancients talked about?

But I saw more of it through the cloud screen than the last one when I was in the Weston-Super-Mare area and used a black card with pinhole to see a projected view.

  morddwyd 10:42 20 Mar 15

Totally clear on the Fife coast. My son watched it but I didn't this time.

Seen one, you've seen them all (I saw a total sometime in the 40s when I was in primary school - a bit of glass held over a smoking candle made an adequate filter in those days!)!

  Aitchbee 13:12 20 Mar 15

Same as you Quickbeam. Luckily, out-of-a-wind-blown-leaden-sky - through 2 windows of oppurtunity - I observed 2 nice 'naked-eye' views of full [98% eclipse @ 9.35am lasting 15 seconds] and a few minutes later [80% eclipse @ 9.45am for 10secs].Soon after at about 10.15am, the sun reappeared from behind the clouds and was splitting-the-sky again like wot it was doing all day yesterday when I had the chance to test out my safety glasses!

  bumpkin 13:29 20 Mar 15

A non event where I am, could not see at, would not have even known about it if not in the media. It looked a bit overcast for a few minutes and that was it.

  Al94 13:43 20 Mar 15

I thought it was amazing was how the blackbirds commenced their evensong as the peak of the eclipse approached.

  Quickbeam 18:04 20 Mar 15

I noticed that too Al94!

  VCR97 19:19 20 Mar 15

A non-event here. It went slightly gloomy for a while and was ignored by the birds.

  bumpkin 19:27 20 Mar 15

VCR97, exactly the same as me, what area are you in.

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