It's that time of year again

  Forum Editor 07:24 11 Aug 07

This weekend our planet will be bombarded by the annual Perseid meteor shower, and if the sky is clear you'll be able to see quite a show on both nights - especially late on Sunday and the early hours of Monday morning.

  €dstowe 08:25 11 Aug 07

Since moving out into a rural environment with a sky relatively unpolluted by light, I can again watch the Perseids - they are a truly spectacular sight and can be quite frightening if there are lot of them

If it's a clear night, I would recommend all city dwellers to take a drive into the countryside.

  Stuartli 09:05 11 Aug 07

I live in a NW coastal town so we are fortunate to enjoy clean air because of prevailing winds - the meteors normally can be seen at their very best given the right sky conditions.

  wee eddie 09:39 11 Aug 07

Great Viewing place and easy to get to from town.

Had some wonderful views of Hale-Bopp from up there.

  Forum Editor 10:28 11 Aug 07

the ambient light levels at night are not that conducive to star-gazing, but it's not really a worry with the Perseids, they aren't stars, and anything that burns up in our atmosphere is so close that it's going to be visible more or less anywhere, as long as the sky is clear of cloud.

Another plus factor is that there's a new moon, so the sky will be darker - there should be a good showing.

  acceptmyname 11:07 11 Aug 07

FE LOL and here is ignorant old me thinking you were talking about the start of the premiership again.

I will stay up and watch this meteor shower thanks for bringing it to our attention.

What a great forum this is not only can you learn a bit a bout how your pc works but you can also broaden your mind.

  sunny staines 11:07 11 Aug 07

will be watching out this weekend find this displays amazing

  crosstrainer 11:10 11 Aug 07

Oh, please..Not football!

I live in Wales, so I'ts guranteed to rain, or be cloudy, but will take the dogs out (fingers crossed)

  Kate B 11:23 11 Aug 07

I'll look forward to this, thanks for the heads-up.

  TopCat® 12:42 11 Aug 07

The weather forecast for us is for light rain and moderate to poor visibility. I hope it's not as bad as when Sir Patrick Moore came across to Cornwall to view that eclipse of the sun!

I note we are told to look in a general north-easterly part of the sky for the best results. At least I'll get that part right, just in case! :o) TC.

  octal 13:30 11 Aug 07

It's messed up HF radio communications at the moment, but very pretty to look at though.

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