It's a Long Way

  morddwyd 15 May 12

Just had an e-mail from my son in Australia.

Broken up with his partner, not much work (he's an actor), 50 next year and looking at a total life change, he's quite low.

Times like this you realise that if he was still in Exeter you could go down and share a pint, but it's not that easy when he's that far away!

  Quickbeam 15 May 12 Tipperary, it's a long way to go...

  Quickbeam 15 May 12

It seems to be the norm now to change partners 2 or 3 times in a life time.

  lotvic 15 May 12

I'm feeling a bit the same way, just had text from son, my grandson is off school sick and he's got to take time off work to look after him (again). If I lived nearer I could have gone and helped. It's frustrating that distance prevents that.

  mole44 15 May 12

morddwyd skype your son not the same as being there,but at least you can help him mentaly

  Aitchbee 15 May 12

Pick up the phone and call your son. I use a TALK HOME (premium) card to make calls to my brother in Eire.It is only 5 pounds and can be bought in some phone shops. You scratch off a part of the card to reveal a pin number, then you have one month's usage.It will save you money on overseas calls.

  interzone55 15 May 12

A Skype video chat bridges gaps, and it's surprising how much more involved you get on a video call. We do this once a year to nieces abroad, they open their presents during the call.

Skype to Skype calls are free, even for video

  Aitchbee 15 May 12

...there's more info here:-,1

...the cards are good value!

  NewestRoyWidd1 15 May 12

You could try this it's 1p a minute to an Australian landline,I've used it before.

  Sapins 15 May 12

Have a look at I have used it for some years now. It costs me 5 cents for an unlimited call to anywhere in the world. I load €12 euros which gives you 120 free days then you can either load more money or use up the balance at higher rates, then reload another €12. Once you have made the call on your computer you take it on your household phone.

  Condom 15 May 12


You have my sympathies as I think I know exactly how you might be feeling. My remaining relatives live in Australia and as I am the baby of the family at 67 both are often suffering from one or two problems associated with their age. My brother had major heart surgery last year and my sister had both breasts removed and I felt helpless here as I had health problems of my own to resolve. When I return East later this year I will very quickly be making a beeline for OZ even although I know I will be 10 hours on a bus when I do get there. Phone calls are all well and can help but it is still not being there and being able to give him that important cuddle.


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