It's a long shot but........

  Picklefactory 16:27 23 Sep 09

....... you just never know here.

Are there any pneumatics experts knocking about here? I have a technical question that's a bit beyond me. (Quite a bit, in fact)

  OTT_Buzzard 16:30 23 Sep 09

Apparently I have a degree in this kind of stuff. Can't guarantee an answer though!!

Feel free to PM me if you want.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 23 Sep 09

Air the question on the forum
a little pressure shouldn't hurt us.


  wiz-king 16:57 23 Sep 09

Fruit Bat /\0/\ He could just have vacuous thoughts about pouring oil on troubled water.

  bjh 17:13 23 Sep 09

Feel free to pump us. I'm feeling a bit vacuous, as it's a long time since I studied Fluid Mechanics, but I'll gas on a bit if it's an area I know about.

Hope we don't let you down ....

Enough already... Wazzup??

  morddwyd 20:21 23 Sep 09

I once knew somebody who my wife called a pneumatic blonde.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I no longer have her contact address!

  Picklefactory 22:28 23 Sep 09

Sorry for slow response, went to watch Villa struggle through against Cardiff.
I should mention, this is something I'm working on at work, not a home issue.
Anyway, I have an air powered screwdriver that will be very infrequently used, it's just used to strip 3 bolts on a part if it fails a particular test (On average there is only one failure every 4 weeks). There is a plc controlling the rig, and the initial intention was to use an air signal kit on the gun exhaust to register three signals to the plc to show that the part has been stripped on failure, I don't think that is too difficult. History shows however, that the guys running it can have a tendency to 'cheat' for various reasons. What I'd like to have is a means of timing the air bursts to only send a signal after, say, 3-4 seconds of air flow to the gun. There are a couple of reasons for this, one being to make it a little more difficult to cheat by just triggering three quick shots of air to fool the rig into thinking the part has been stripped, and also to avoid an accidental shot messing up the count. does anyone know of a reliable means of having a electronic signal sent after a variable timed flow of air, or even a pressure change instead of flow?
I hope all that makes sense, I know what I mean, but................

  Picklefactory 22:30 23 Sep 09

Thanks for the offer of pm, but this lot can get ugly if they don't get a chance at a puzzle ;o)

  OTT_Buzzard 23:05 23 Sep 09

Hmm, this would be much easier with DC tooling.

What's the cycle time of the tooling operation?

  OTT_Buzzard 23:06 23 Sep 09

oh, and how is torque registered?

  Forum Editor 23:35 23 Sep 09

surely the cheats will rapidly learn to fool anything that measure the length of an airburst? They'll just trigger three longer bursts.

I would have thought that OTT_Buzzard's mention of torque measurement indicates the best monitoring method - if you can record the torque cycles.

No doubt I'm missing some obvious technical point.

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