It's Here

  morddwyd 20 Oct 11

Going over the hill to St Andrews yesterday saw the first white stuff of the year up in the hills.

  Forum Editor 04 Nov 11


Thank you for your tact. I'll send the boys round to that house with the festive lights.

  Quickbeam 20 Oct 11

Sounds very Christmassy:)

  morddwyd 20 Oct 11

Sounds very cold, miserable and unpleasant more like!

  Quickbeam 20 Oct 11

After two extremely cold winters, the childhood memories of snowy fun winters aren't such fun in real life now, but if the halcyon hot summers of childhood memories returned, I'd be quite happy.

  BT 20 Oct 11

Frost on the roofs and ice on the windscreens here in Norwich this morning.

  Quickbeam 20 Oct 11

Maybe the 6 snowploughs were just on training manoeuvres...

  gengiscant 20 Oct 11

Had to give in an put the heating on up here in a "crisp" Edinburgh.

  BT 20 Oct 11

six snowploughs

Saw a Gritting Lorry heading into Norwich on that very hot Thursday 2 weeks ago. I was on my way home from having my eye Lasered at the Hospital but I really wasn't seeing things - Honest!!

  interzone55 20 Oct 11


The gritter manoeuvres were on the news - something to do with training a new batch of drivers and checking everything was working

  Aitchbee 20 Oct 11 indoor electric psychedelic snowman has got a twinkle in his eye...unplugged.


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