It's good to be alive.

  rawprawn 09:09 28 Nov 10

This morning we woke up to bright sunshine and icy temeratures. There is about 2 inches of powdery snow on thee ground, the kind that squeaks when you walk on it, and a wondrefull smell of woodsmoke in the clear air.
It was the same yesterday, and I walked about 3 miles enjoying every last minute, and watched Canada Geese fly low over the local frozen reservoir.I shall do the same again today.
Please don't think I am being smug or waxing lyrical. I am 73 at Christmas and just pleased that I am able to enjoy these simple things.
I know there are many who can't and it makes me more appreciative.

  rickf 09:43 28 Nov 10

Good for you and "may your feet always be swift"

  rickf 09:43 28 Nov 10

"and Forever Young"

  carver 09:50 28 Nov 10

It's seems that as you get older the best things in life are not material things but the ability to just enjoy what is around you that is for free.

They say that "youth is wasted on the young" and that old saying is correct, if you had the stamina of a 20 year old that 3 miles could have been 10.

  Bingalau 10:04 28 Nov 10

rawprawn, I would love to see you flying low over the frozen reservoir. Do you do it often? Not bad for a youngster like you. wish I could just walk the three miles myself, I can just about make a mile at the moment.

  rawprawn 10:07 28 Nov 10

I'm very lucky, I have always enjoyed walking and regularly did 12 miles a day. I am now down to a maximum of 7 miles in one day, and the 3 miles just makes a nice morning.
I developed RA about 3 years ago but I am fortunate that I can keep it more or less under control, and since it affects my arms and shoulder rather than my legs I am able to carry on.
Right then I off to enjoy the walk!!

  rawprawn 10:13 28 Nov 10

Just saw your post before I set off, yes I walk regularly, I feel it is the most enjoyable way of keeping reasonably fit. Keep doing the mile I'm sure it helps.
We get a lot of geese round here, and if I watch them long enough maybe I will learn to fly low over the reservoir;))

  sunnystaines 10:50 28 Nov 10

all you need now is a shotgun to bag one of those geese for the christmas pot.

  J B 10:52 28 Nov 10

You are right. I was up before 7 am this morning and it was crisp and clear. I normally walk to the local nature reserve everyday but I vary the walk for a change of scenery. You tend to see something different every day. I always go out early in the morning and walk about for around 5 miles and have a cigar. I think that it gives you a clear head and actually relaxes the mind. Being that today is Sunday I came home and cooked up a Sunday breakfast, Brilliant. To me, it puts the world to rights and makes you ready for the day. I lost my wife a little over two years ago and in my mind as I walk I talk to her. Makes me feel good. Long may it continue


  Quickbeam 11:03 28 Nov 10


  Quickbeam 11:05 28 Nov 10

The only trouble with geese is there's nothing on them. To feed 4 people with a goose you also need stuffing and sausages to spin it out, otherwise your still hungry afterwards.

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